What is digno?

How Digno works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions?

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Digno is a Performance Management SaaS. It shows you the strong and weak sides of your organization or your individual performance and introduces new ways to boost your productivity.

What can I do with digno?

Digno.io enables users to manage their productivity, goals and objectives, projects and campaigns, as well as rewards within their organization by supporting integration with multiple workflow and enterprise management systems.

Main digno features:

  • Productivity monitoring - view aggregated data of your work activities.

  • OKR Management - assign goals and measure their KPIs.

  • Score calculation - automatic score calculation based on performance.

  • Portfolio management - manage projects, campaigns, and teams. Measure timebound scores.

  • Reward management - motivate your team(s) by rewarding their performance.

  • Reporting & dashboards - view summaries of user performance to understand the overall organization's health.

Within each organization, digno.io supports three roles for users. Each user can be either an admin, a manager, or an employee. Depending on the assigned role, the user can monitor tasks and their progress, track individual performance scores, as well as monitor the overall department's and organization's health.

Digno.io has a wide list of integrations with various customer relationship as well as task and project management systems:

Note: Digno provides APIs for custom integration based on your app of choice.

Who uses digno?

Digno is used by organizations and companies that are willing to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, as well as optimize their business processes with best-practice strategies and state-of-the-art methods introduced by digno team.

What sets digno apart?

Digno is a revolutionary platform that captures every aspect of day-to-day operations within an organization for each employee and introduces a universal scoring system to encourage visibility, transparency, productivity, and community.

Digno is not an HR platform, a payroll company, or a task manager. It's the future of goal setting and productivity management.

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