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What's digno?
Digno features explained
Digno features explained

Learn about Digno features: Users, Tasks, Goals, Rewards, Portfolios

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What is each product for?

Digno facilitates different features to make sure your performance management meets are met.

Digno Productivity feature brings task management to a new level by providing full synchronization of your work actions between digno and the integrated application(s). This feature allows you to view aggregated data of all your work activities.

Digno facilitates goals to communicate OKRs to employees and monitor their productivity. Goals utilize productivity as an input for setting KPIs to achieve a specific target - output. In Goal, Digno calculates the percentage of the progress made per goal based on set KPIs and calculates a score once the goal is achieved.

Digno portfolio is a feature in our system that allows incorporating several departments in your organization into a single project. This feature allows you to easily manage projects, campaigns, and teams while the system will calculate timebound scores for the portfolio and its members to evaluate their performance.

Digno introduces a reward feature to give employees a strong sense of recognition and increase productivity within your organization.

What features do I get with each plan?

πŸ’ Read this article to find out!

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