What is a Goal?

Learn more about goals and how you can apply them to your business

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What is a goal?

Each business process has goals and milestones to achieve. With digno.io we have implemented a new way for your business to manage its goals.

Our system introduces a new way to automatically measure the extent of goals' achievement with the help of KPIs.

Based on the integrated application, different KPIs can be selected for your goals.

Possible KPIs:

  • Number of tasks that need to be done

  • Number of tasks that need to be created

  • Responsiveness

  • Number of calls completed

  • Number of logged working hours

  • Number of emails sent

  • Amount of sales

Each goal can have a reward associated with it. Assigning a reward per goal achievement motivates company members and boosts productivity, resulting in a more efficient and optimized business process.

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