You have probably been faced, on multiple occasions, with sophisticated processes that require a number of different subject matter specialists to come together and work on a solution.

To analyze the success rate of such processes and the performance of the people involved in it is quite an arduous task and digno solves it for you! πŸ˜ƒ

What is Portfolio?

A portfolio is a feature in our system that allows the incorporation of several departments in your organization into a single project. Portfolios enable managing projects, campaigns, and teams. Portfolios calculate the timebound score of employees involved in the portfolio based on their performance within a set timeframe. This feature enables fast evaluation of complex processes by generating reports based on the individual performance of employees involved in the portfolio.

Rewarding outstanding performance 🌟

The success rate of the Portfolio is measured with a score. This score plays a crucial role in determining Reward eligibility.

Each Portfolio can be associated with a specific reward that the members of the portfolio become eligible for when reaching the target score.

Transparency and Healthy Competition πŸ“ˆ

When creating a portfolio, the manager or admin can allow employees to view each other's scores within this portfolio. This will ensure transparency in the rewarding process and boost healthy competition in the team.

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