What are digno users?

Digno.io maintains a standard corporate hierarchy to support most companies and organizations.

In digno.io, we do not want to overwhelm you with a multitude of employee position names, so we created the most optimal three user roles.

Our user roles are

  • Admin

  • Manager

  • Employee

Note: Based on granted permissions manager role can accommodate low, middle, and top-level management responsibilities.

What is the difference between users?

User roles have been created to both optimize and mimic the business process in your organization.

Admin role

Admin is responsible for setting up the working environment for your business in Digno. Admin's responsibilities include

  • Setting up a company profile.

  • Importing and/or inviting new users into the system.

  • Enabling app integrations.

  • Setting up and assigning department heads.

  • Creating alerts for the department(s).

Manager role

In Digno.io, the manager role mimics manager responsibilities in real life.

Manager responsibilities include

  • Managing designated departments:

    • Productivity

    • Goals

    • Portfolios

    • Rewards

    • Scores

  • Importing and/or inviting new users into the system

Employee role

In Digno.io, the employee role mimics employee responsibilities in real life.

Employee responsibilities include

  • Monitoring the system for assigned goals

  • Monitoring the system for assigned portfolios

  • Monitoring the system for achieved rewards

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