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Five Score Factors

To analyze overall performance within the company digno introduces five key evaluation factors that are selected to reflect best-practice business management strategies.

Five Factors

  • Productivity

  • Goals

  • App Usage

  • Tenure

  • Consistency

Five Factors Explained


Digno is a performance management SaaS that integrates with a number of enterprise software to synchronize and monitor enterprise productivity. Higher productivity leads to higher scores.


Digno facilitates goals to communicate OKRs to employees and monitor their productivity. Goals utilize productivity as an input for setting KPIs to achieve a specific target - output. In Goal, Digno calculates the percentage of the progress made per goal based on set KPIs and calculates a score once the goal is achieved.

App Usage

Digno introduces app usage - Digno term for engagement evaluation within an organization.

Digno is a performance management SaaS that integrates with a number of enterprise software, hence to evaluate engagement with company resources digno monitors and measures activities performed within integrated software to report on whether the applications are used across the company. App usage reports facilitate in-depth ROI analysis for each application investment to highlight cost-saving components.


In tenure, digno measures the time period that employees have been with the company. Tenure report allows company executives and designated HR personnel to measure employee turnover within the company.


In consistency, digno measures patterns in employee behavior with regard to the quality and quantity of their performance during their tenure.

The abovementioned five factors jointly contribute towards the overall score of the organization.

Note: Score is directly proportional to the quality of performance. Higher quality, higher score! ๐Ÿ’น

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