Five Score Factors

To analyze individual employee performance within the company Digno introduces five key evaluation factors that together contribute to effective work performance.

Five Factors

  • Productivity

  • Goals

  • App Usage

  • Tenure

  • Consistency

Five Factors Explained


In productivity, Digno synchronizes all actions of an employee and monitors their performance. The actions are pulled from the integrated app(s) for further evaluation.

Depending on the quality of an employee's productivity, Digno provides a specific score. Higher productivity leads to a higher score.


Digno facilitates goals to communicate OKRs to employees and monitor their productivity. Goals are assigned per employee to reach a target KPI. In Goal, Digno calculates the percentage of the progress made per goal based on set KPIs and calculates a score once the goal is achieved.

App Usage

Digno introduces app usage - Digno term for engagement evaluation within an organization.

Digno monitors employee engagement with the company's software resources by measuring the responsiveness of an employee within the integrated applications. App usage provides insight into the degree of employee involvement in the integrated app(s).


In tenure, Digno measures the time period the employee has been with the company. Longer tenure demonstrates employee commitment to the company and positively affects employee scores.


In consistency, Digno measures patterns in employee behavior with regard to the quality and quantity of their performance during their tenure.

The abovementioned five factors jointly contribute towards the overall score of the employee.

Note: Score is directly proportional to the quality of performance. Higher quality, higher score! ๐Ÿ’น

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