Case 1: Wrong email address

In case your digno account and Shopify account are registered with different email addresses, your integration will not work.

Please make sure you set up both accounts with the same email address.

Case 2: Wrong or lack of Shopify Staff ID

In case, you have not provided or have provided an incorrect Shopify Staff ID in your digno User Profile, Shopify integration will not work.

To learn more about Shopify Staff ID, read this article πŸ‘€

Case 3: Browser cookies

In case your Shopify integration is not linked in digno Apps Integration page but digno app is installed in the Shopify app store, please clear your browser cookies (alternatively you could try opening the page in a private tab) and repeat the process of Shopify integration.

To learn how to enable Shopify integration in digno, read this article πŸ‘€

If you are still facing trouble with Shopify integration, please send us a message from

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