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What's digno?
Why digno is a must for every company?
Why digno is a must for every company?

In this article you will learn how every business can benefit from digno

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Digno is an AI-based performance evaluation and management SaaS.

With digno decision-makers can:

  • Set their goals up for success 🌟

  • Elevate their performance management by connecting rewards to productivity ⬆️

  • Facilitate in-depth ROI analysis for each application investment to highlight cost-saving components πŸ“ˆ

  • Measure employee turnover within the company βœ…

🌟 Streamline productivity by connecting individual achievement to organizational success.

Digno facilitates goals to communicate OKRs to employees and monitor their productivity. Goals utilize productivity as input for setting KPIs to achieve a specific target. Digno help make strategic objectives crystal clear and track goal status and progress to identify where to focus and keep your organization on track.

🌟 Analyze cost-saving potential

Digno introduces app usage - digno term for engagement evaluation within an organization.

Digno integrates with a number of enterprise software, hence to evaluate engagement with company resources digno monitors and measures activities performed within integrated software to report on whether the applications are used across the company. App usage reports facilitate in-depth ROI analysis for each application investment to highlight cost-saving components.

🌟 Make rewarding decisions more transparent and equitable introduces a feature to automatically reward employees that demonstrate outstanding performance, therefore, motivating employees, boosting healthy competition, and empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company. Rewards demonstrate to employees that the quality of their input is valued and encourage aiming for bigger goals.

🌟 Measure employee turnover and retention rates

Digno measures the time period that employees have been with the company to facilitate tenure reports and further and further allow company executives and designated HR personnel to evaluate retention rates and employee turnover within the company.

Digno takes core business success strategies and implements them with state-of-the-art AI-driven algorithms to revolutionize performance management by replacing the common black box of evaluation with transparency and open communication between management and team members.

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